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There are a range of terms that are applied to car safety now, which can be confusing. ‘Driver Assist Technology’ is a blanket term that has come to encompass a wide range of different things designed to help a driver maintain control of their vehicle in adverse conditions. Most often, however, it is associated with the Toyota motor company and a set of technologies they use for their four wheel drives.

How driver assistance systems work

What is driver assist technology? It may include but isn’t limited to these things.

  • Traction control and any system that is designed to stop slippage when power is applied to the wheels
  • Descent control. Technologies that engage lower gears and brakes in order to make a vehicle go down a slope more easily and safely
  • Stability control, which is technology that allows a vehicle to right itself if it moves from an optimal vertical position and is in danger of rollover
  • A variety of technologies that control how brakes are applied in difficult situations, including Anti Skid Braking Systems (ABS)

Toyota describes its Driver Assist Technology (DAT) as encapsulating the very latest advances in its four wheel drive technology. It includes things like descent control which helps moderate a vehicle’s rate of descent in difficult conditions, a feature that assists with moving forward when on a slope, locking differential and special suspension features amongst others. As a package it is said to radically improve the four wheel driving, off road experience and has considerable safety benefits. Visit : Nashville Auto Repair

Driver assist technology for your vehicle

Is Driver Assist Technology a valuable addition to a vehicle? For an inexperienced four wheel driver it can make a substantial difference to the safety and enjoyment of their car. In the general parlance it may refer to the vast range of new technologies aimed at making cars safer and more ‘idiot proof’. If it is an offered feature, it is worth considering, as the combination of assistance with vehicle control can be invaluable in adverse driving conditions.