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Reset HP Officejet 6978 to Factory Settings

Hey guys this is an HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer. I just wanted to show you how to do the reset on this printer. This is gonna work for a lot of printers of this same 2016 2018-19 printers, that have touch-sensitive display control panel and display.

Reset HP Officejet 6978 to Factory Settings

So we’re gonna do is this arrow return arrow, right here that we saw and the other article that I just did so we’re just gonna press it four times, one two three four .

We’re gonna see support menu the support menu lets you go through a lot of things just seeing like information of how many pages printed, or your serial model number and everything like that and we need reset.

Reset menu right here we’re gonna press ok, and we want to do the semi full if you want to just reset the printer to all the factory settings. so we’re gonna press ok, the printer will turn off wait a few minutes ,or a few seconds before you turn it back on.

And then it’s gonna just ask you your standard questions that you had, it’s not gonna make you do the it’s not gonna put you make you put in the setup cartridges.

So it’s just going to ask for the country the language that you want, you’re gonna confirm time and everything like that. So I’ll just turn the printer back on, and show you what it does.

So here we go we’re gonna select English in my case confirm, I’m in the United States confirm, then we’re gonna confirm the date and time, looks about right an hour, and then we’re gonna do the continue set up.

My ink cartridges are getting low, so it’s gonna ask for an alignment they can also skip but there’s best to do it because it’s just gonna keep on popping up. But anyway this is how you reset the printer this is gonna work for a lot of similar models 6978 and 6962 are pretty much same printers with different color, so there’s many other ones that use HP Envy printers also use the same procedure in order to reset it.

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