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First time looking at this modern home red and white design, you might just think this is just another boring modern home. But actually this modern home is different with other design although in some area it is really look alike with other modern home but some details will absolutely amaze you. From the entrance you will be welcomed with floating steps to reach the door while in the porch you will find massive rounding black walls.

On the side of the pool you can find a cozy modern red sofa with white patterned throw pillows. Stepping inside the house you will be welcoming with more red furniture. In the living room you can find red l shape sofa along with red modern ottoman. Next is the modern dining room with glass dining table and acrylic dining chairs but this time white acrylic side chairs is flanking the table while in both end of the table is flanked with red contemporary chairs. Stepping into the next room another red modern kitchen will dazzling you. The glossy red kitchen cabinets surely will stun anyone around.

The red entrance door is already attracting attention from the very first time. If you looking at this modern home design inspiration you at will notice that in the side of the house there is curving rectangle patterned wall and the back of the house instead of finding closed wall, this house is left open with curvy frame. It looks like the house is picturing the beach in a far from a frame. The pool in the back is surrounded by red tiles and glam with lights above.

If the outlook modern home shows you that this is a one story home, well actually it is a two story home with lower floor is located underground. To reach for the lower floor you will need to take the floating concrete stairs. The bedroom is located in the lower floor which gives enough privacy from the up stair activity room. If you interested in this nearly futuristic home, you can browse on modern home design ideas colourful from below photo gallery.